Climbing ..out of the Rabbit Hole’

”once you’ve had the latter – the former will never be enough again”

It’s been a long time since I started to connect the dots of the so cold ”conspiracy”’s time to start bringing solutions to the light, what  we can do about it, how can we bring the manipulation to an end & how to win back the true freedom that has been suppressed for literally thousands of years.

For centuries the cults had  such emphasis on creating Religions, Politics and norms of society which have distorted us and kept us apart from the knowledge that would set us free.

When we bring the subject of cults we have to talk a little bit about Religion/Science dogma, because the same cult society that infiltrated religions ”all of them” are the same people who created Science (the idea -excuse  me if I insult your intelligence- that this material world is all that there is). Science/Religion appears to be opposite, one saying God & divine plan, you have to  do what God said – the other says there is no God, we are just a cosmic accident ..they both have  one key thing in common, that the control of our lives is not inside of us, rather its out there somewhere!

Religion had been used for so long & still massively used to control people and shut their minds off from the reality of who they truly are and the nature of their true power. specially last couple of centuries people begun not to buy that scam, so they had to accelerate with that  thing called science to pick’em up. as we mentioned the creators of both were high ranked initiates of secret society network who knew that both versions of life were crap.

”We are not just the physical body & we are not limited entities that lives in a physical world ..We are  everything ever existed in the whole of existence”

 Increasingly open minded science is starting to confirm what mystics and people talked about for thousands of years ..that everything that exist in the whole of creation in this dimension and others is the same energy in different states of being & the vibrational state of that energy decides what that energy will manifest as.

Our physical body is a genetic space suit through which we experience this material world – WE ARE Multi-dimensional CONSCIOUSNESS that animates that body. the question is: how much of that consciousness can you access?

We all have a connection between our spiritual ”energy” self & our physical self which is called Chakras system ”Wheels of light” – they are vortexes that interpenetrate our levels of being:

  • Mental level:  Energy field – a frequency range – Rational thought
  • Emotional level: Feelings & emotions
  • Spiritual level: A higher dimension of our selves
  • Physical level: That which we perceive with our physical senses, any imbalance in any of the chakras is transferred to the physical level and manifest as a chemical reaction – that’s when the ”modern medicine” comes in with its drugs, therefor its treating the symptoms of the energy imbalance in the emotional level not the real cause.

These chakra vortexes are drawing in, particularly the base chakra, vast amount of energy ..the more they are closed down, the less energy they are  drawing in, the less energy we have to work and create with.

At the peek of the brotherhood cult network, they understand this knowledge, they mastered it. so much of the manipulation of human emotions, thinking, perception and attitude has been designed to close these vortexes down so we access a fraction of the multi-dimensional infinite mind that we are a part of.

”What we imagine ourselves to be, is what we physically create”

So…if we can be manipulated to imagine ourselves as ordinary men and women ..then we will create ordinary life, once the penny drops and we realize our true nature we create and live extra-ordinary life.

”We are like droplets of water in an ocean of consciousness ..we are individual to an extent, but together we make  the ocean – the infinite consciousness, energy, mind that we call God or Nature ..what ever you want to call it – just remember we are not part of that infinity ..we are that infinity”

The more you realize that, the more you open up to the possibilities of that infinity – on the other side of the universe ..the more you are manipulated by fear and sense of limitation to shut all your vortexes, the more you will project a little ordinary human and will become a fraction of who you are. Clean you chakras, feed your soul from that infinity and all its wisdom, love, peace and understanding that is available to be tapped anytime ..Just BELIEVE.

Crack your eggshell, step out of fear of what people think or say who you are, speak your own truth, live and celebrate your own uniqueness – that’s the real & ultimate revolution, to be who you are not what others told you to be.

Our inner-self, state of being, attitudes and our thoughts are resonating to a certain vibrational frequency ..change your attitudes, change your thoughts and the frequency changes (physics laws) & our esoteric mechanism works as a magnet to attract its same energy, whether its -Ve which brings us into doom, pain and suffering or the +Ve that attracts every beauty, wondrous and colorful things into our material world.

”Realize who you really are and the nature of your true power to control your own destiny and the direction of your life .. then the ability of the few controlling the many becomes impossible”

Once you start to believe and take the decision, you change your frequency not blame external factors, take responsibility, keep the faith, ask for guidance from you higher power to show you the righteous way and you shall have it ”,


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4 responses to “Climbing ..out of the Rabbit Hole’

  1. This is so good! Thank you! Be blessed! It is not about religion any more. Like you said it has been contaminated, diluted and infiltrated. Amazingly this was written about a lot in the old testament. Religion is the old wineskin that bursts when the new wine of The Spirit of God is poured into it, the new wine. The small limited box of religion cannot contain the expansive, limitless, infinite Truth of Love aka God! Jesus said we could do everything he did and EVEN GREATER things if we just wake up to know who God really is and who we really are! We are One Spirit manifested into many many physical forms!!!!!!

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  3. Thank you Alaadine A.El-Abd! Be blessed!

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